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The Return of the King Event is now LIVE!

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The Return of the King Event has Begun!


People of Midas! I have returned from the Realm of Shadows to claim this world. Too long you have lived in the Light, unaware of the true horrors of this place. I know them... all too well and I have learned from them the true meaning of the Runewards.

Bask in my shadows and fear me.

-Vyramar, The King in Shadows

The King in Shadows and his Heralds of Shadows has begun his assault on the Ranked Ladder in Runewards!

The powerful mage has sent copies of himself, known as the Heralds of Shadows, to face worthy Runeseekers across all levels of the Ladder and over the course of June,  when playing in Ranked Mode each player has a random chance to face Vyremer or his Heralds in combat.

Once the Event will run,  a special quest will appear in your Quest Log, replacing an existing Quest.
Upon its completion, each player will receive a copy of Vyramar, The King in Shadows card, a new mythical mercenary card!

Where we are launching a special 24/07 event channel in which the King in Shadows himself will be shown fighting and climbing the ladder all the way to Archon. The King himself is stronger than his copies and will prove especially challenging to our brave players!

You can watch the King himself take over our Twitch Channel in:


Our Team will join in from time to time on Twitch to grant special rewards and do a few surprises of our own on Twitch so keep a close eye over the next days and weeks.

This special boss will fight at all levels of the Ranked system (Bronze, Silver, Gold and so on) and will appear randomly while players play in Ranked Mode. Winning against Vyremer or his Shades will each grant MMR just like playing against other players while losing will increase your opponent's MMR just like you!

At the end of the Season, if our brave players are able to reach higher MMR score then Vyramar, a special reward will be granted to all players of Runewards!

So get ready for the King!

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