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Patch 0.7 - The Return of the King!

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7st of June 2018

Version 0.7

Patch 0.7 is finally here! This patch includes 15 new cards and 4 revised one, ladder changes, optimizations and bug fixes. It also includes a special Event - one of many we plan to bring into the game in the coming months!

Continue your scrolling for more info!


Major Event

The King Has Returned


Once I was a great Mage, respected and feared all across Midas. Archons bow to my counsel, the wretched elves dared not cross my path and the dwarfs...? They cowered in their den, too afraid to awake my ire.
Then, I was cast out of this world into the Shadow Realm to rot and die, my name erased from the books of history, a shadow without form.
Unfortunately for my attackers, they failed gloriously in their work. Instead of withering away and dying, i thrived in the Shadow Realm, strengthening my powers and finding new and powerful beings to serve in my new army, my Shadow Legion.

Now I return to Midas, where no one remembers my name or what I have done, but they all soon will remember and never forget again... the King in Shadows.
-Vyramar, The King in Shadows, Master of the Shadow Legion


The Return of the King Event is scheduled to begin on 10th of June!


The King in Shadows has escaped from the Shadow Realm and began his assault on the Ranked Ladder in Runewards!
The powerful mage has sent copies of himself, known as the Heralds of Shadows, to face worthy Runeseekers across all levels of the Ladder and over the course of June,  players eligible to play Ranked Mode has a random chance to face Vyremer or his Shades in combat.

Once the Event will run,  a special quest will appear in your Quest Log, replacing an existing Quest.
Upon its completion, each player will receive a copy of Vyramar, The King in Shadows card, a new mythical mercenary card!

Additionally, you could join us on our Twitch channel, where we will launch a special 24/07 event channel in which the King in Shadows himself will be shown fighting and climbing the ladder all the way to Archon. The King himself is stronger then his copies and will prove especially challanging to our brave players!

Our Team will join in from time to time on Twitch to grant special rewards and do a few surprises of our own.

This special boss will fight at all levels of the Ranked system (Bronze, Silver, Gold and so on) and will randomly while players play in Ranked Mode. Winning against Vyremer or his Shades will each grant MMR just like playing against other players while losing will increase your opponent's MMR just like you!

At the end of the Season, if our brave players are able to reach higher MMR score then Vyramar, a special reward will be granted to all players of Runewards!

So prepare your finest decks, sharpen your greatest tactics and prepare for the greatest challenge Runewards has ever faced!

New Cards:

  • Gorga Chieftan  - Passive: When this Unit enters the graveyard, it gains 5 power permanently.


  • Swamp Lurker - Passive: Whenever this Unit is Sacrificed, Active: return it back from the Graveyard and give it 2 Power.


  • Taur Champion - Passive: Whenever this Unit is moved between Territories, Active: gain 5 Power.


  • Witch's Curse - Active: Disable an enemy Unit and give it Passive: At the end of each turn, reduce this Unit's Power by 1 and give 1 Power to a random enemy Unit.


  • Fist of Burarum - Target a Unit and reduce its Power by 8. If that Unit's power is reduced to 0, Discard it as well.


  • Warden Valinor - Active: If you play a Unit on your next turn, it will gain Immunity.


  • Dark Pact- Active: Sacrifice all allied Units on the Battlefield. For each Unit sacrificed, transform a random card in your hand into a random card 1 rarity above (maximum 10 cards).


  • Mage of the Ruby Order - If a Territory is affected by Weather, cast a random Human Spell immediately.


  • The Red Seer - ActiveCast 2 random Weather Spells on your opponent's side of the Battlefield. 


  • Lionhart - All allied Units on the Battlefield gains Immunity.


  • Dark Hatred - Target an allied Unit on the Battlefield and Summon all copies of it from your deck.


  • Scouting - Active: Summon a Basic Unit from your deck.


  • Sneak Attack  - Active: Target an enemy Unit and Disable it. If you Disabled a Passive Ability, reduce its Power by 5.


  • Nephilim Officer - Active: Play your Hero's Ability one more time.


  • Gorga Fighter - Passive: All Mercenaries gain 1 Power.


General Changes:

  • Each player entering the game after the Event is active will receive a special quest as part of The King has Returned Event. Completing it will reward 1 copy of Vyramar, The King in Shadows.
  • Unranked Mode is now open to all players, regardless of their level.
  • Ranked mode restriction has been reduced from Level 10 to Level 6.
  • Once The King Has Returned Event Starts, we will temporarily remove all restrictions on Ladder - Go on and play Ranked! 
  • Runewards added a new language: Farsi.

Card Changes:


  • Onslaught (5 Power) - New Ability - Passive: Whenever this Unit's Power would be reduced, Active: gain 3 Power instead.


  • Diplomat (4 Power) - New Ability - Active: If you have more Units on the Battlefield then your opponent, draw a card and play it immediately.


  • Pathfinder (6 Power) - New Ability -  Active: Reveal 3 random cards from your deck. Choose one and place it on the top of your Deck. The rest is shuffled randomly back to your Deck.



  • Azure Enchanter (5 Power) - New Ability - Active: Next turn, if you play a Basic Spell it is triggered twice.


Bug Fixes / Features

  • Fixed an issue when moving a Mythical Unit on the Battlefield with a special animation will cause the card to go invisible.
  • Fixed an issue with Ambassador colliding with the visual arrow indicator in some extreme cases.
  • Fixed some cards descriptions for better clarity.
  • Fixed some issues in Campaign text bubbles not showing properly or out of place.
  • Fixed a sound issue with Street Mage.
  • Fixed an issue with AI not playing Nature's Calling when he needs to.
  • Fixed a rare issue with an interaction between Guild Master and Doctor Yankul.
  • Resolved some depth issues in our UI in some windows.
  • Fixed some multilanguage issues.
  • Fixed a bad interaction between Succubus and Venom in some rare cases.

Known Issues

  • Shadow Particles at the start of the game trigger BEFORE the event began.
  • Some VFX and Cards in the game doesn't have their VO or SFX trigger properly or at all.

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