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Patch 0.6.62

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13th April 2018

Version 0.6.62

General Changes

Improved general netcode behavior when leaving/disconnecting or starting a new multiplayer match. 

Added a new window indicating if your opponent disconnected.

Bug Fixes / Features

  • Fixed an issue when several types of windows overlap each other in the Main Menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Mythical Units appear before their visual effect trigger properly when played from hand.
  • Fixed an issued when sometimes a card glows remains when it's not supposed to.
  • Fixed an issue when General Jandor's card which is played doesn't trigger its ability if its the last card on the territory.
  • Fixed an issue where Pegasus doesn't show its affected cards in match history.
  • Fixed an issue with visual indicators (such as how many cards your opponent have) during a match not showing properly in certain situations.
  • Fixed issues with several daily quests.
  • Fixed an issue with a VFX firing unintentionally when graveyard window is opened.
  • Fixed a critical issue where players get a draw and lose MMR.
  • Fixed some issues with Venom Unit.
  • Players can no longer access the game from multiple sources. If attempted, it will "kick" the player from its previous platform and log it back to the platform currently used.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not see their friends online in a certain rare condition.
  • Fixed an issue where Naturesmith wouldn't work in certain conditions.
  • Fixed several issues within the Campaign.

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