Patch 0.6.50

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16 March 2018

Version 0.6.50

General Changes

  • Improved Multiplayer stability.


  • Improved Packs display.



  • Added Match History.

Match History.png


Card Changes


  • Garuganoth - Decreased Power to 11.
  • Tomb Mummy - Increased Power reduction to 3.
  • Wendigo - Increased Power to 4.


  • Dwarven King - Increased Power to 7.
  • Burglar - Increased Power to 3.


  • Pegasus - Increased Power to 7.
  • Gryphon Rider - Increased Power to 3.
  • Quartermaster - Increased Power to 3.


  • Unhallowed Ground is now a Mercenary Spell (instead of Monsters).
  • Foxfire Zombie - Increased Power to 7.
  • Frostmage - Increased Power reduction to 3.
  • Unrelenting Rider - Increased Power to 3.
  • The Sentinel - Increased Power to 2.

Bug Fixes / Features

  • Fixed "Opponent left" error message when players are searching for a Multiplayer match.
  • Fixed missing Card History when playing with Primordial Watcher.
  • Fixed wrong information (data) in the Player Profile.
  • Fixed Settings menu.
  • Fixed Journey Quests when climbing a league.
  • Fixed Venom's Ability (will no more be triggered by Sorceress's Ability and Touch of Immortality).
  • Fixed missing League icon in a Multiplayer match.
  • Fixed missing MMR display in a Multiplayer match.
  • Fixed the VFX of the Mythical Units.
  • Fixed Single-Player campaign Act2 Chapter3 missing Innkeeper's sound.
  • Fixed Lady Elana VFX (will no more work on immune Units).
  • Fixed Reincarnation's Ability when transforming a Unit into another Unit and there is no space left in the Territory.
  • Fixed Nazir the Warlord/Army of the Dead Ability when summoning Doctor Yankul.

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