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What is Runewards?

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What is Runewards?

Runewards is an online Free-To-Play strategy card game that allows players to battle each other on a unique game board.

Each player begins with 10 cards, containing Spells, Units and a Hero.

The Player with the highest Power value at the end of the round wins.





The game board where you will play against other players is called Battlefield.

The Battlefield is composed of three lanes (shown in brick-mortar composition) per player called Territories, all of which is based on unit card's Affiliation - more detail in the card section below.


The Territories play a crucial part of Runeward's gameplay because many cards, spells and heroes can affect them in a variety of ways.

On the right part of the screen you have the Heroes which you can pick when you make your deck. There are several heroes for every army in the game.


Lets move to the Pass button which is located between the heroes Power values.

When pressing Pass during a game you will end your actions for the round, as you will not be able to replace any more cards on battlefield, use spells or activate Hero's abilities.

Pass button can be used for multiple reasons; from leading ahead in total Power value on battlefield, saving your cards for the next round, having no more cards in your hand, bluffing, or calling out on your enemy bluff.

A lot of the game is reading your opponent and planning your strategies accordingly.



Runewards has three types of cards: Heroes, Units and Spells.

1. Heroes



Each player may only use a hero ability once per a game. They are either powerful single-use Active abilities or weaker continuous Passive abilities - more details in the Abilities section below.


2. Units 



The unit card frame has several elements:

A. Power is located on the upper left corner - Each Unit card is assigned a Power value. The winner is the player with the highest Power value at the end of the round.
B. Affiliation is located on the upper right corner of the card and it indicate the place on the lane the card is placed. Some units have the special ability to grant Power bonus to those who share the same Territory as they do.
C. Rarity of the card is shown by the icon of the eye in the bottom-center of the frame. 

Cards are stronger than others depending on the rarity, getting more powerful abilities and higher Power value. The rarity order of cards is: Basic, Rare, Unique and Mythical.

D. Abilities are the centerpiece of the game. They can change the game in a variety of ways and are crucial to a player's strategies. Some abilities can increase or reduce Power values but other can do a lot more.


In Runewards there is three types of Abilities:

Passive, Active and Battle Formation.

Active Abilities:

Active abilities are triggered immediately, affecting either the Battlefield, Territory or Unit.Marksman.png


The Marksman is a basic Human card. When used on the battlefield, he may grant any other unit +1 Power. Since the effect is happening immediately, this is a targeted Active ability.


Passive Abilities:

Passive abilities effects are usually less powerful than Active abilities but remains for the entire round, making them stronger in the long run.


Firemancer is another basic card with a Passive ability that make it more powerful if your enemy uses spells during the game.

Firemancer initial Power value of 2 make her fairly weak initially but if the enemy player decides to use spell card against you, as they will have a much bigger threat as the game progresses. This requires the opposing player toi calculate if the benefit of using the spell outweigh the bonus the Firemancer card will receive.

Additionally, abilities are often unique to the Army they belong.


Battle Formation: 


Battle Formation cards allows the player to use multiple choices from the same card, depending on the situation and the strategy of the player.

This type of card is rarer in the game due to the versatility it can bring to the battlefield but nonetheless they can be crucial part of your deck's repertoire.

Runewards have 3 Armies: Humans, Monsters and Nature. 


The fourth Army is Mercenaries and can be used with conjunction with the other 3 playable Armies.

3. Spells 



The third type of card in the player's deck are Spells. These cards have no Power value but can affect Units, Territories or the entire Battlefield in several different ways.


Deck Builder:


The Deck Builder allows you to pick and choose cards based on the Army type you have selected.

As stated before in this article there are 3 Armies in the game; Monsters, Humans, Nature - Each with its own unique spells and units.

Mercenaries being the fourth and only Units in the game have cards every playerr can pick and play in their deck.


Multiplayer Gameplay:


The Multiplayer window allows the player to pick which deck you want to play, shows you how many cards you have in that deck, and a Power estimation of the deck based on existing Units/Spells.

In later part of the development, you will be able to choose the type of match you would like to play; Unranked and Ranked games. Unranked and Ranked games will be linked to leagues and you will receive rewards based on what you rank and position you finish with at the end of each season.


There are plans to add Tournament mode and much more in future expansions once main game is completed and play tested. Runewards will be continuously update and expanded on with new features, card sets, and surprises!

The Runewards Team is very excited and hopes you will share our enthusiasm!

As our Innkeeper loves to say.

"Welcome, Welcome Runeseeker! Ready to share an adventure with me?"

-Runewards Team

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