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  1. sahkanRW

    No graphic of some new cards

    Thanks for reporting. Currently, uninstall and reinstall the game is required to fix this issue. It will be fixed from the next version.
  2. Thanks for reporting. Fixed in the latest version.
  3. sahkanRW

    No grpahic

    Thank for reporting, We are aware of this bug. At the moment the only fix is to uninstall and reinstall the game. We will try to fix it as soon as possible.
  4. sahkanRW

    Bronze League Reward Unacquired

    Ok fixed it. I see you've already collected it by now.
  5. sahkanRW

    Touch of Immortality no longer works

    Bug was fixed in the latest version. Thanks for reporting.
  6. sahkanRW

    Just got a loss from AI disconnecting in MP match

    Are you sure it wasn't a connection problem from your side? What platform are you playing from?
  7. sahkanRW

    Vyramar bug

    Sorry for the late response, the only version of this card is "Monsters". The bug was fixed already. Thanks for reporting.
  8. sahkanRW

    Bronze League Reward Unacquired

    Thanks for reporting! I will take a look at your account and update this post.
  9. sahkanRW

    Bug of Monk-ception

    Thanks for reporting! Fixed for next release.
  10. sahkanRW

    Stuck with crafting tutorial

    Great. Glad to help.
  11. sahkanRW

    Stuck with crafting tutorial

    There was a bug in the server, please try now.