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    Patch 0.6.62

    13th April 2018 Version 0.6.62 General Changes Improved general netcode behavior when leaving/disconnecting or starting a new multiplayer match. Added a new window indicating if your opponent disconnected. Bug Fixes / Features Fixed an issue when several types of windows overlap each other in the Main Menu. Fixed an issue where Mythical Units appear before their visual effect trigger properly when played from hand. Fixed an issued when sometimes a card glows remains when it's not supposed to. Fixed an issue when General Jandor's card which is played doesn't trigger its ability if its the last card on the territory. Fixed an issue where Pegasus doesn't show its affected cards in match history. Fixed an issue with visual indicators (such as how many cards your opponent have) during a match not showing properly in certain situations. Fixed issues with several daily quests. Fixed an issue with a VFX firing unintentionally when graveyard window is opened. Fixed a critical issue where players get a draw and lose MMR. Fixed some issues with Venom Unit. Players can no longer access the game from multiple sources. If attempted, it will "kick" the player from its previous platform and log it back to the platform currently used. Fixed an issue where players could not see their friends online in a certain rare condition. Fixed an issue where Naturesmith wouldn't work in certain conditions. Fixed several issues within the Campaign.
  2. TalosRW

    PSA: Forum Update

    Dear Runeseekers, Our Forum recently went through critical security update which unfortunately had the side-effect of breaking our visual-aspect of the forum. I've currently set all user's theme to the default one until this is resolved. Thank you for understanding, Talos
  3. TalosRW

    PSA: Forum Update

    Dear Runeseekers, Our Forum recently went through critical security update which unfortunately had the side-effect of breaking our visual-aspect of the forum. I've currently set all user's theme to the default one until this is resolved. Thank you for understanding, Talos
  4. TalosRW


    5th June 2017 Version Card Changes • Added a new card to the game: Doctor Yankul Race: Mercenaries Power: 7 Affiliation: Strength Rarity: Unique Ability: Passive: Whenever this Unit is sent to the Graveyard, return it back into the Battlefield and reduce its Power by -3. When reutrned, its Power doesn't reset. • Added a new card to the game: Baduna Warrior Race: Human Power: 6 Affiliation: Strength Rarity: Rare Ability: Passive: All allied Units on the same Territory has +1 Power. Bug Fixes • Fixed Far Sight throwing unneccesery errors when used. • Fixed Blizzard, Firewall and Thunderstorm spawning without Audio • Fixed XP Bar fire an audio but visually the bar doesn't move. It should now work properly. • Fixed Blizzard, Firewall and Thunderstorm spawning without Audio.
  5. TalosRW

    State of the Game - May 2017

    We've updated our website with latest State of the Game post. Read all about it in here: https://www.runewards.com/articles/state-of-the-game_06-06-2017
  6. TalosRW


    3th May 2017 Version General Changes • Unit Abilities description has been changed all across the game. The purpose of these changes is to provide a description that is more simple and clearer than it was before. • Changed the Ability of Cerberus: Return a non-Monster enemy Unit from the opponent's hand. Does not work after enemy Pass. • Added new VFXs for Crusader, Spiderlings and Kal'zaerim the Malignant. • Changed the Ability of Kelazar the Witch Hunter: When there is a Monster Unit on the Battlefield, gain Immunity and double Kelazar the Witch Hunter's Power. • Changed the Ability of The Countess: Power: 5 Draw a card from your opponent's deck, if it's a Spell, draw it to your hand. If it's a Unit, Destroy it. • Changed the Ability of Rogue: Battle Formation: Reduce -3 Power from a Unit or gain +4 Power. • Changed the Ability of Tomb Mummy: Passive: All enemy Units in the same Territory has -2 Power. • Changed the Ability of Plaguebringer: Active: Reduce -2 Power to all Units in the Strength Territories. • Changed the Ability of Gyroplane: Reduce -3 Power from an enemy Unit. If that Unit is affected by Firewall, Blizzard or Thunderstorm, Reduce -9 Power instead. • Changed the Ability of Charon: Active: Give Immunity to a Unit. • Added a new icon on the Gameboard called Glossary which contain information, such as game rules to check at any point of the game. • It is now possible to view all the Heroes in the Deck Builder by clicking on the Hero Avatar. Bug Fixes • Fixed an issue when hovering over a card. • Fixed issues with Friend List animation. • Fixed an issue with text when a card is burning. • Fixed an issue where Guild Master and Mortar Team VFX interaction will work before a card finished its animation.
  7. TalosRW

    imunnity ?

    Hey Lucifer, In Runewards, we have what we call Passive and Active abilities. Immunity protect you against Active abilities like Enervation, Teleport and such. Passive abilities like Blizzard, Thunderstorm and Firewall are unavoidable since they run on the entire territory. Immune does not protect you against them.
  8. TalosRW

    Runewards is on Steam Greenlight!

  9. TalosRW


    General Changes - • Added Visual Effects for: Kraken. • Upgraded Visual Effect for: Negation Ritual. • Players can now view their graveyard. • Players now have clearer visual cue when their Decks get depleted and becoming smaller until they no longer have cards in their deck during match. • Added tooltip showing the number of cards for each player in their deck during match. • Further optimization to the A.I Bug Fixes - • Fixed Transmute SFX's not triggering when clicking on Transmute button. • Fixed Far Sight sometimes showing back-side of the card instead of the front.
  10. TalosRW

    Patch 0.3 - Beta Release

    Major Changes – Runewards has been updated from Alpha to Beta Build. Account Reset All Runewards accounts have been reset. All progress, runes, gold and cards have been wiped clean. All accounts, both new and old, will begin with the tutorial when they log into the game for the first time. Runewards Store This build will launch with the Runewards Store. Players can purchase Chests in the store using Gold they have earned while playing the game or by purchasing with real-money. Ladder and Seasons Runewards Beta launch will also introduce our new ranking systems starting with Season 1. (More Info will be added in a separated Blog). Unranked Matches is Multiplayer Mode are currently disabled. We will open that option in the nearby future. Deck Builder – Fusion We have opened a new option inside the Deck Builder called Fusion. Using Fusion, players can place cards in order to transform a card into a random, or by chance, upgraded card. For example: If you place 4 Basic Cards inside the Fusion List, you can receive another Basic Card with a chance of it being upgraded into a higher rarity (Rare, Unique and even Mythical Rarity!). General Changes - • Added new Visual Effects for the following Cards: Mortar Team, Dark Wanderer, Frostmage, Paleskin, Deadly Archer, Harpies, Blacksmith, Innkeeper, Teleport, Spirit of the Forest, Mirror Image, Lazarus the Archlich, Typhus, Huracan, Doppelganger, Quartermaster, Elder Sisters, Blood Shaman, Captain Scourge, Ashenwalker, Witch Queen and Weakness. • Added Visual Effects for many sequences within gameboard (Card Burning, Card Revealing Sequences, Climbing a League and more). • Added over 60 SFX to all parts of the game. – Note: We've revised many existing SFX and added new ones, too many to write in here in this log. • Added New Sprite for "Waiting-For-Opponent" during the Redraw Phase of the game. • Optimized the algorithm for searching and connecting between opponents in multiplayer games. • Most Textures in the game have been optimized to improve game performance. • Updated timing for many VFX, animations and sequences during the game to better sync and provide smoother experience. • Significant improvements have been made for the Game's A.I. It will now play cards more intelligently. • We've revised the Quest system and added new Quests. Additionally, the Quest Screen has been updated with the all the Quests you have + Daily Quests you can do. • Added many tooltips across the game. • Updated the Profile Window with more information from player's gameplay. Card Changes - • Thunder Lord ability has been updated to - Passive: Cannot be affected by Thunderstorm. Discard a random Spell from your hand. • The Elder Sisters individual units has been buffed: Leyana, The Spellweaver – Power increased from 1 to 2. Lenora, The Binder – Power increased from 1 to 3. Lauriel, The Firstborn – Power increased from 1 to 4. • Marksmen Ability has been updated. His new ability reads as: Reduce -2 Power from an enemy Unit. if the Unit is a Strength Unit, gain +1 Power. Bug Fixes - • Fixed and updated Atlases within the game to better optimize performance, adjusted bad positions. • Fixed Teleport History Bug. • Fixed several errors in Match History not showing off all the proper details, card icons, proper icon positions and more. • Fixed Mortar Team hitting Immune targets. • Fixed Dark Wanderer bonus not triggering properly every turn. • Fixed issues with the Tutorial not finishing due to Hero Card not working. • Fixed Reincarnation not showing in Match History • Fixed Archmage Leshar VFX not positioned properly • Fixed Hover-On-Cards Shaders and VFX not positioned properly. • Fixed Kalzerim the Malignant dropping on battlefield and freezing the game. • Fixed Chests not dropping when clicking on it in Main Menu and entering the Open Chest scene. • Fixed Kelazar the Witch Hunter showing twice in Match History • Fixed Cycle of Death destroying a card and not showing which card it was in Match History • Removed text from Dragons summoned by Dragonor the Mighty. • Fixed Captain Scourge counting itself as an agility unit as part of its ability. It should no longer do that and now will require 3 OTHER agility units in order to activate its ability. • Fixed Thunderstorm, Firewall and Blizzard not fading away properly when Turn Ends or when players use Dispel or Mana Shield. • Fixed Hide/Show Button not functioning properly when using Cards who has Battle Formation. • Fixed Coercion not working against A.I • Fixed Card Glows not positioned properly. • Fixed A.I not playing certain cards due to built prerequisites. The A.I will now be more flexible with his choices. • Fixed a VFX in Deck Builder which does not re-trigger every time you add a new card to the deck list. • Fixed Reborn Pheonix showing up as a reward in the Golden Chests. This card will no longer be collectable. • Fixed Battle Formation cards sequence sometimes remain stuck in middle of the screen after using cards with battle formation ability.
  11. TalosRW

    3rd tutorial battle bug

    Hey Pyroblaster, We have identified the issue and it will be fixed when we launch our next patch (Beta Launch). In the meanwhile, skip the tutorial.
  12. TalosRW

    3rd tutorial battle bug

    Hey Pyroblaster, The team is out for tonight but i'll make sure they look at it tommorow morning.
  13. We've posted a new article on our website for the new year. You can read it here: Happy New Year and What's Coming Next! Happy new year, -Team Runewards
  14. TalosRW

    Lord of Dead ability forced to Forfeit

    Hi, Passed it to the Team. Thank you for your report.
  15. TalosRW

    AI use Emerald Viper and can not choose a card

    Hi, Passed it to the Team. Thank you for your report.