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  1. I dowloaded runewards as a mobile game and linked it directly to Google Play and FB without creating an account for the PC version. Separately I downloaded the PC version and created an account. I went back to the mobile client to find I could not just sign into the pc version's account, it prompted me to create a new account, which I didn't want to. So I logged out on mobile and logged back in with the PC username and password. I revoked permissions on both FB and Google Play I still cannot link the mobile client to my FB and Google Play because, presumably, when I logged in with Google Play initially it created an account for PC that I don't know how to log into, put tokens for links to the fb and Google Play accounts against the Runeward data set for that account and now I have no way of unlinking them, even if I go back in signing in with Google Play and going to options. Please could this duplicate account be deleted so I can re-link the Google Play and FB accounts from the PC account I created for the PC Client?