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  1. bafirw

    Stuck with crafting tutorial

    Fixed, please try again
  2. bafirw

    Stuck with crafting tutorial

    Hi Cloudtaylor, We'll check it out. Thanks.
  3. bafirw

    Patch 0.6.60

    29 March 2018 Version 0.6.60 General Changes Improved the new player progression. Improved Multiplayer stability. Added new language - Farsi. Shop Added Easter bundle pack! Added one-time Discounts. Journey Journey Quests will now pop up at the end of every match with an option to Collect a reward! Multiplayer New players will have to reach level 6 with each race in order to unlock the Multiplayer mode (Unranked mode only). New players will have to reach level 10 with each race in order to unlock the Ranked mode. Added Unranked matches. The Unranked button will be displayed in blue. The Ranked button will be displayed in green. Deckbuilder New players will start the game only with one race - Humans. New players will have to reach level 4 with Humans to unlock the Monsters race. New players will have to reach level 4 with Monsters to unlock the Nature race. Adventure New players will have to reach level 4 with each race in order to unlock the Adventure mode. Improved Adventure scene design, added information about the Level, Stage and the Difficulty of the current stage. Restart will be available every 20 hours instead of 24 hours. Adventure mode now contains five levels and each level contains five stages (5x5=25 stages in total). Card Changes Monsters Ashenwalker - Active: Summon 2 random allied Agility Units from the Graveyard back to the Battlefield without their Abilities. Bug Fixes / Features Fixed Player Profile - Highest Season Rank display. Fixed Settings - Sound in background button. Fixed Stormcaller - Ability visual effect. Fixed Venom's Ability. Fixed Silvermane - 2nd Ability visual effect. Fixed Carousel indicator on Mobile.
  4. bafirw

    Can't start PC version

    Please use the Steam version instead. #AppStore: #GooglePlay: #Steam:
  5. bafirw

    Patch 0.6.50

    16 March 2018 Version 0.6.50 General Changes Improved Multiplayer stability. Shop Improved Packs display. Multiplayer Added Match History. Card Changes Monsters: Garuganoth - Decreased Power to 11. Tomb Mummy - Increased Power reduction to 3. Wendigo - Increased Power to 4. Humans: Dwarven King - Increased Power to 7. Burglar - Increased Power to 3. Nature: Pegasus - Increased Power to 7. Gryphon Rider - Increased Power to 3. Quartermaster - Increased Power to 3. Mercenaries: Unhallowed Ground is now a Mercenary Spell (instead of Monsters). Foxfire Zombie - Increased Power to 7. Frostmage - Increased Power reduction to 3. Unrelenting Rider - Increased Power to 3. The Sentinel - Increased Power to 2. Bug Fixes / Features Fixed "Opponent left" error message when players are searching for a Multiplayer match. Fixed missing Card History when playing with Primordial Watcher. Fixed wrong information (data) in the Player Profile. Fixed Settings menu. Fixed Journey Quests when climbing a league. Fixed Venom's Ability (will no more be triggered by Sorceress's Ability and Touch of Immortality). Fixed missing League icon in a Multiplayer match. Fixed missing MMR display in a Multiplayer match. Fixed the VFX of the Mythical Units. Fixed Single-Player campaign Act2 Chapter3 missing Innkeeper's sound. Fixed Lady Elana VFX (will no more work on immune Units). Fixed Reincarnation's Ability when transforming a Unit into another Unit and there is no space left in the Territory. Fixed Nazir the Warlord/Army of the Dead Ability when summoning Doctor Yankul.
  6. bafirw

    Patch 0.6.41

    09 March 2018 Version 0.6.41 General Changes Hotfixes. Card Changes Monsters: Arch Devil - Promoted from Unique to Mythical. Bug Fixes / Features Added Multiplayer end-game sound effects on: Placement Matches (Win/Lose/Draw) League promotion League demotion Fixed Single-Player campaign, sometimes not being able to finish a chapter. Fixed missing Settings menu on mobile devices. Fixed Doctor Yankul's Ability. Fixed Dream Catcher's Ability. Fixed Black Marshes Lizard's Ability. Fixed Nazir the Warlord Visual Effect. Fixed Scavenger Visual Effect. Fixed Succubus Visual Effect. Fixed League icon in a Friendly Challenge. Fixed curve text at the End Game Results. At the start of the next rounds, if there are no more cards left in the deck, there will be no option to redraw. Known Issues Missing League icon in a Multiplayer match. Missing MMR display in a Multiplayer match.
  7. bafirw

    Deafeat when opponent forfeits

    We've released a new patch and improved the Multiplayer stability. Please check it out and let us know if you're having the same issues.
  8. bafirw

    No xp

    Fixed, will be updated in the upcoming patch. Thanks for letting us know.
  9. bafirw

    No xp

    Fixed. Thanks for letting us know.
  10. bafirw

    0.6.40 (Season 3)

    06 March 2018 Version 0.6.40 General Changes Runewards Season 3 will be up in a few days! Create a deck, choose your Race, Hero, Units and Spells as usual, then select the "Multiplayer" mode and compete with other players around the globe! A player must complete ten (10) placement matches in the Multiplayer mode in order to receive their rank on the Leaderboard. The player's ranking is represented as a Matchmaking Rating (MMR) between 1 and higher, with a higher number representing a higher level of skill. After the placement matches are completed, the system will assign an MMR score from which the player will begin to compete against other opponents in the ranked system. The amount of MMR assigned to the player will then be used to place the player in the appropriate league such as is described in the table below. Unranked - Must complete ten (10) placement matches. Bronze - 1-1099 MMR Silver - 1100-1299 MMR Gold - 1300-1499 MMR Diamond - 1500-1699 MMR Master - 1700-1899 MMR Archon - 1900+ MMR How much MMR changes per game? The amount of MMR change depends on multiple factors, including the average rating between you and your opponent. What's the search range for other players? The search range (in terms of MMR) begins in a small margin (+/-50 above or below your current MMR) and widen in search as time passes. Ideally, the system will try to match you with an equally skilled opponent in the shortest amount of time. Due to the changes in this patch, the system will be refined over time, in order to ensure optimized matchmaking between opponents in Runewards. Multiplayer: Improved Leaderboard design. 1. Added Separation between the Leagues. 2. Added W/R (Win Rate) for the current Season. Shop: Added Special Offers (Packs) section. Player Profile: Current League --> Unranked = Must complete ten (10) placement matches to get MMR. Card Changes Monsters: Blacktails - Dragon. Passive: At the end of your turn, Active: Reduce -1 Power from a random enemy Unit on the Battlefield. Mercenaries: Touch of Immortality - Active: Disable a Unit. Give it Passive: At the start of the next round, Summon this Unit back to the Battlefield without its Ability. Bug Fixes / Features Quests - Fixed Login with Steam. Game - Fixed Elder Bear + Doctor Yankul Ability combination. Game - Fixed Coercion critical bug, causing the game to stuck when the opponent has no cards in hand. Open Chest - Avoiding cards from being stuck during rotation. Singleplayer Campaign - Fixed Heroes quotes.
  11. bafirw

    32 bit version on Steam

  12. bafirw

    Patch 0.6.30

    20 February 2018 Version 0.6.30 General Changes Settings: PC & Mobile: Added an option to choose In-Game FPS. PC Only: Added an option to choose Background FPS. Quests: Added an option to sign in with Facebook and get a Reward. Added repeatable Quest - Win 3 Multiplayer matches. Card Changes Humans: Wise Monk - Active: If there is another allied Wise Monk on your side of the Battlefield, draw a card from your deck. Bug Fixes / Features Fixed automatically login with a Steam account. Fixed Friendly Challenge in-game opponent when accepted via Adventure, Singleplayer and Multiplayer scenes. When there are no cards in the deck, there will be no option to redraw at the start of rounds 2 or 3. Fixed Friendly Challenge wins counter. Fixed Friendly Challenge when a player disconnects. Fixed Blood Elf's Ability bug. Fixed Nazir Warlord's Ability bug. Removed Illusion Spell from all Users who received it from opening a chest and sent 20 Runes instead. Fixed Overwhelming Force Visual Effect bug. Open Chest - "NEW" sign is less shiny. Fixed XP bar visual bug. Fixed AI when playing Spirit of the Forest & Heart of the Forest. Known Issues Login with Steam will be fixed in the next patch.
  13. bafirw

    Missing chapter purchase

    It seems we had an issue with the purchasing system but already solved it. Please play a single-player match or open a chest and it will be fixed for you.
  14. bafirw

    Game losing bug

    Hi Sirwolf9, Thank you very much for your report. We have already been notified by that bug and we've fixed it. However, it will only be updated in the next upcoming patch (11th February). If you find any more issues, please let us know. And you can also join the Discord and stay tuned for more updates. Thanks.
  15. bafirw

    Missing chapter purchase

    We've checked and you've unlocked Act3 in the Single-Player Campaign. Can you post a screenshot what do you see in-game?